Our AAC Elearning course is split across four lessons with each lesson accompanied by a quiz. You may complete the lessons in any order you wish below.

In this section you’ll be introduced to a number of people who have difficulty in communicating. By the end of this session you will;

  • Understand some of the reasons why people experience communication difficulties
  • Appreciate the impact of communication difficulties on everyday life
  • Recognise why people might benefit from using communication aids.

The last section was about people who may need some help with communicating. This section is about what they might use.

By the end of this section you will have learned about;

  • different types of communication aids and communication strategies
  • how communication aids form one important part of a person's 'toolkit' of communication skills
  • what is meant by the term ‘augmentative and alternative communication’ (AAC for short)

By the end of this section you will know about:

  • ways people could go about getting hold of communication aids
  • the types of services available to provide impartial advice about communication aids.
  • some general features of communication aids and how people with physical disabilities can use equipment




By the end of this session you will:
  • appreciate how much training a person may need to use communication aids in practice.
  • recognise the importance of being a good communication partner
  • understand how you can support people who use communication aids in conversation